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Patrick Jones at Heol Gerrig

We are so excited to announce that we have been working with esteemed author Patrick Jones once again to deliver literacy programmes in a local primary school, Heol Gerrig. The children have been writing poems, working on projects and designing literacy themed poster campaigns. This will really help the young people to understand the importance and joy of literature as well as allowing them to dip in and experience the creativity of writing and reading for themselves.
We have been working with Patrick on several other projects in the area, including therapeutic writing sessions with Cancer Aid Merthyr Tydfil and Poetry Sessions with residents of Greenhill Manor Care Home, who suffer from Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. The sessions have been immensely beneficial to everyone involved and have produced some beautiful poetry. See our Facebook page for poems written by Greenhill residents and watch this space for the beautiful, emotive writing from the people at Cancer Aid Merthyr Tydfil.

Teachers and pupils are delighted with the work they have achieved
so far:

“We are delighted to be given the opportunity to work with the Stephen's and George Centenary Charitable Trust to offer our pupils the chance to work with real life authors. Getting our pupils, especially boys, enthusiastic about writing is something we are striving to do at Heolgerrig Community School. This project has sparked the imaginations of our Year 6 pupils who have totally engaged with the Project, to produce some quality writing of which they are really proud."
Cath Jones – Acting Head Teacher Heol Gerrig School

Here are some more of the poems written by the young children:

Bomb Fire Night – Jacon Gough
Firework night
Don’t light
Fireworks bang
Fireworks slam
Fireworks twirl
Fireworks weird
Rockets fall
Kids call

Christmas – Gavin Owen
Children play
Christmas day
Christmas tree
With lots to see
Children open up their gifts
What they had on Santa list
Pork dinner cooking
Everyone looking
Chilly Snow dog Bessie
Getting cold and messy.

Christmas – Nathan Amblin
Christmas ends school Santa brings presents
To you I’m getting lots of presents snow falls
Delicious food cosy red cheeks. Magical
Air on the tree. Beautiful shinning singing stars.

Christmas - Azaria Philips
Phones ring
Bells ding
People eating
By the heating
Children play
On a cold Christmas day
Presents wrapped
Santa packed
People book
Christmas cake

Christmas - Cerys Anwen
Bells ring
Christmas brings
Green and red
Go to bed
Christmas day
Children play
Turkey cooking
Children looking
Christmas cake
Mothers bake
Fire burns
Tummy turns
Carol singing
Bells ringing
People give
Jesus lives
Schools out
Children shout
People make
Frozen lake
Glittering tree
Presents for me

Words – Mollie Bridges
Words are like the sun shining on a dark earth
Words are like monkeys flying from tree to tree
Words are books that read so fluently
Words are smooth, gentle songs and sad lonely songs
Words are like snakes that bite and hurt
Words are like elephants that stomp over everything and don’t care
Words are like plants that grow and get bigger
Words are like roses that hurt when you touch them