World Book Day Premier for Singing Pirates

Children's author Dan Anthony's World Book Day Workshop in Merthyr's Spread The Word Workshop will be a bit special - the audience will get a sneak preview of his new children's book Steve and the Singing Pirates.

'I'm was really delighted to be invited to the Spread The Word Festival in Merthyr. I've a new book coming out soon in Firefly's 'Steve's Dreams' series – it’s called 'Steve and the Singing Pirates'. As well as talking about Rugby Playing Zombies and encouraging everyone in my workshops to use their imaginations, I'll be reading a brand new sneak preview from the new Steve's Dream's book.

The stories about lovable loser Steve and his crazy family are proving really popular with young readers - the children of Merthyr will be the first to hear the new story about Steve and the Singing Pirates.

'I was inspired to write the stories when I was having breakfast in Sainsbury's in Cwbran,' said Dan. 'Steve's trying to make sense of a fast moving and dangerous world - in these stories he sorts everything out in his dreams. Like most of us, he's a hero in his dreams.'

Steve's Dreams books are published by Firefly Press, as part of the World Book Day events the Welsh Books Council has created a free downloadable Steve's Dreams teaching resource so that schools can join in the fun.