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O2 Think Big

The Trust in partnership with Goetre and Dowlais Primary Schools based in Merthyr Tydfil  were chosen to attend and perform in front of over 700 guests at the O2 Expo Show at Old Billingsgate, London on Wednesday April 24th 2013.

The event was held to showcase the very best projects that were funded by a grant from 02.

It was a fantastic opportunity for over 40 pupils as they were only a handful of eight projects nationally to be chosen to perform on the stage.

They sang with a local Musician Jess Jenkins three songs that they had written during their song writing sessions with Gwency Jones held at the schools. These included the Roald Dahl Rap and also their O2 song. 

These song writing sessions were funded by an O2 grant that was awarded to the Trust to run innovative projects to raise literacy standards.

As Anne Broadway the Literacy coordinator at Goetre School stated

“This innovative literacy project has inspired the young people to write, and to create their own songs, it is an imaginative way of engaging and raising literacy standards “